Our Dermatology Staff - Rhode Island

When searching for dermatological treatment, you seek the services of professionals who are well-trained, attentive and responsive, and supportive.  You will receive this type of care from Dr. Dyer, Dr. Criscione, Nurse Practitioner Meighan Blanco, Physician Assistant Katie Sliney, Nancy Staley, Lauren Vieira, Jennifer Johnson, and Lauren Volpe as well as the support staff in our office.  We look forward to getting to know you and providing your dermatologic care.

Practice & Office Managers

  • Nancy Stonely East Greenwich

    Nancy Stonely

    Practice Manager

  • Laura Buco East Greenwich

    Laura Buco

    Associate Practice Manager

  • Cindy McKitrick East Greenwich

    Cindy McKitrick

    Office Manager

  • Deborah MacKay East Greenwich

    Deborah Mackay

    Office Manager

  • Nicole-Richard East Greenwich

    Nicole Richard

    Chief Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants

  • Charlene Caoili East Greenwich

    Charlene Caoili

  • diane East Greenwich

    Diane Catarina

  • Kim-Allen East Greenwich

    Kim Allen

  • Kristy-Marble East Greenwich

    Kristy Marble

  • Sandra-Mattias East Greenwich

    Sandra Mattias

  • Tonya-Bager East Greenwich

    Tonya Bager

Patient Support Specialists

  • Kim-Allen East Greenwich

    Barbara Hall

  • Maggie-Costa East Greenwich

    Debra Smith

  • Joyce-Burns East Greenwich

    Joyce Burns

  • Megan-Ferrara East Greenwich

    Megan Ferrara

  • Sunny-Miller East Greenwich

    Sunny Miller

  • Susan-Medeiros East Greenwich

    Susan Medeiros